Welcome to Kororinpa Wiki!! The Marble Mania/Saga wiki that anyone can edit! Here, you can get any info about the game on here from stages, to marbles, even a page about Anthony Ant! We right now don't have alot of pages, but as soon as we get enough help, we'll be able to make this a huge wiki.And make sure you check out!

Kororinpa Fan Fiction WikiEdit

If you would like to visit our Fan Fiction Wiki, click here. NOTE: Kororinpa Fanon Wiki is not the official Fanon Wiki for Kororinpa. Kororinpa Fan Fiction Wiki is.


Hello! We would like to welcome everyone to Kororinpa Wiki! We are right now still in the works so we are going to need as much help as possible! If you would like to help out, please join!!!


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  • March 28 2010- Random54 is promoted to Admin! Congrats, Random!
  • March 27 2010- RandomDude101 has now become an admin!!! Even though he dosen't know much about the game, he will try to help out as much as he can!!! Congrats, RandomDude!
  • March 9, 2010- Kororinpa Wiki is created by Wii maniac.